The Octoplus Cost Model methodology is simple to handle, meticulous and concrete. This approach is based on real data collected at the workshop with the employees doing the analyzed tasks.
The software which is then used for the analysis of the full production cost is simple to handle and didactic. It takes into account a number of parameters which can be updated as many times as required in order to show the true production cost. As a result, the purchase price (or selling price) calculated is robust: any comment or correction can be input in real time, and in full transparency.
Depending on what we are studying, we then either have:
- a basis for negotiation, if we look at a purchase price
- some axis of cost improvement, if we look at a production cost
Finaly, beyond the methodology and the tools used by the consultants, the professionalism, the reliability and the rapidity in the missions of the OCTOPLUS team are exemplary and differentiate permanently OCTOPLUS from others.

François Feugier, VP Manufacturing, Purchase and Quality, Faurecia Emission Control Technology"

"I have had the pleasure of working together with David Bocher of Octoplus for many years. His approach is very hands-on, yet structured and systematic with a clear focus on defined targets. David’s innovative, sometimes un-orthodox, ideas usually give results well beyond the ordinary. In addition he is very capable in sharing his knowledge and way of thinking with others, a very talented team leader!

Halvar Jonzon, Group Vice President , Purchasing Autoliv Inc."

" The Industrial Buyer training module has been provided by OCTOPLUS Consulting to a multicultural team of our buyers, with various backgrounds and experiences. This module has raised the interest of all the attendees. By showing the real mechanism of process cost analysis, this training module is directly applicable by the buyers. This Industrial Buyer training module could well be part of a training package for any new buyer.

Franck LETERRIER, Purchasing Director, Division Pumps and Systems"

Other Customers

" The training is done using a board game and is really dynamic. This approach allows to rapidly understand how a production cost is built. The software Cost Viewer is handled intuitively, and the user can rapidly start to make the first cost simulation analysis"

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