OCTOPLUS Consulting is a certified training institution, recorded in Brittany Region (Activity number : 53 29 08436 29) and is active in in-service training programs.

OCTOPLUS currently propose a range of standard trainings, but also develop according to specific customer needs. The understanding of production cost structure is a key aspect in our training modules, but we as well cover the all range of purchasing activities from development to supplier selection, from start of production to serial life management.

Octoplus Factory : Industrial Purchase Training

OCTOPLUS propose an edutainement training module which relies on a simulation game OCTOPLUS Factory (all rights reserved, protected through INPI n°374993) as well as on the process cost analysis software OCTOPLUS Cost Viewer®.

This game allows the trainee to make the simulation of a plant tour, and the target of the trainer will be to enable the attendees to:

  • lead a plant tour,
  • collect data during the visit,
  • make a cost analysis,
  • identify potentials,
  • prepare a factual negotiation.

Octoplus Product Life Management

Octoplus Product Life Management covers the main purchasing tasks from development and supplier selection up to start of production and serial life management. Moreover this module will propose a methodology in order to drive cost performance trhough a systematic and analytical way. This training module will highlight in the different steps how the cost analysis approach will support the increase in performance of the buyer.

Octoplus Product Life Management is covering the product life cycle in manufacturing, thus offering an exhaustive and common package for project, serial and commodity buyers:
  • Research, Homologation and selection of a supplier
  • Industrialisation of a product from an APQP perspective
  • Start of Production
  • Performance monitoring (quality, Cost, Delivery, Service)

This package is available as a training module, but as well is available through consulting missions to be adapted to customer environement.

This OCTOPLUS product life cycle provide the buyers with a systematic and analytical methodology in order to analyse its portfolio and achieve results beyond the budgeted targets. A intelligent analysis of both a market and a process approach will lead our customers to the succes.

Octoplus : Purchase Strategy Game

In development 
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