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A global cost analysis tool providing visibility on production costs…

Based on a global industrial knowledge, the process cost analysis software OCTOPLUS Cost Viewer® is built as a true visual management tool for production cost analysis.

This software, and the associated methodology, provides high level support in the dialy life of the buyers, as well as the commercial teams or the managing director aiming to work in a rational, factual and analytical way. The software allows to understand the real contribution of a project to the overall operating margin of the plant.

The process cost analysis software OCTOPLUS Cost Viewer® translates your shopfloor process observations into production costs, taking into consideration :

  • Direct costs of production (Raw Material, handling costs, added value, …),
  • Logistic costs,
  • assessment of the indirect costs (general overhead, production overheads, building, depretiations…).

The target : improve visibility, have a systematic approach, focus on strategy definition and implementation, increase performance

The process cost analysis software OCTOPLUS CostViewer® handles 30 currencies, is available in multiple languages (possibility to add a new langage upon demand) and works in metric (m ; kg) as well as imperial unit systems (inch ; lbs).

The software is currently used in China, Korea, Brazil, France, Germany, Czech Republic, India and United-States.

The process cost analysis software OCTOPLUS Cost Viewer® is easy to use, quick to handle, flexible in the utilization, and will enable the users to in fine understand the cost structure of a manufactured product in order to identify axis for improvements and cost reductions.

Being a visual management tool, the process cost analysis software OCTOPLUS Cost Viewer® is a true communication tool with your main contacts, whether they be customers or suppliers.

Step by step, the user is able to build the production cost for a product either purachsed outside or produced inside its company, and to analyse the margin level associated to this product family.

In fine, the process cost analysis software OCTOPLUS Cost Viewer® will allow the user to make improvement scenarios and export the results under several formats (excel, xml, ...) Thus allowing the user to quickly share the observations and analysis with collegues around the world.

By the analysis of a representative product mix for a factory, the software allows to rebuild a balance sheet or a plant budget, thus allowing to work on the industrial strategy.

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