OCTOPLUS promotes a factual consulting approach in order to :

  • Promote good and fruitful understanding between customer and supplier
  • Develop your knowhow on supplier cost structure
  • Set up factual negotiation levers
  • Enable the establishment of a long term strategy
  • Understand your own production cost structure
  • Analyze your profitability by product family

Some areas covered for our customers :

  • Production cost analysis
  • Make or Buy
  • Identification of potentials for cost improvements
  • Synergy analysis during a merge of 2 companies
  • Negotiation (preparation and negotation itself)
  • Production Cost improvement
  • Continuous improvement customer / supplier
  • Purchase organisation (OCTOPLUS Product life cycle management)

The quality and the efficience of the relationship between customer and supplier is improved by a better mutual understanding, supported by the fact based process cost analysis software OCTOPLUS Cost Viewer®, a true visual and factual communication tool.

Octoplus Consulting - 55bis rue Jean Jaurès - 29000 Quimper - France - +33(06) 61 83 02 09 / Alexanderstraße 7 - 10178 Berlin – Germany
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