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OCTOPLUS is a company located in France, which provides services in the area of purchase and process optimization.


Our Target is to ensure our customer a rapid payback of the activity with us, which is enabled by a specific competence of our consultants in production cost analysis.


Octoplus either works at its own customers’ facilities or at their suppliers’ facilities. The Modelisation of the production cost is done through the analysis of a component or an assembly, and is based on the understanding of all cost drivers on the product.(direct and indirect). A systemic approach allows defining between 2 business partners a roadmap to reach a higher level of competitiveness together. We have conducted such workshops in Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Mexico, India and Africa.

Our Added Value

Our added value is enhanced by the utilization of a process cost analysis software OCTOPLUS Cost Viewer®. We as well train our customers to the utilization of this software, and more than a decision tool, it is a culture that we develop together with our customers on the production floor.

A fact-based approach that develops a better understanding between customer and supplier. This allows to build together a profitable future for both parties, rather than basing the relationship on a bargaining approach more classically observed.

Our Difference

Compared to a typical analysis approach, the use of our process cost analysis software OCTOPLUS Cost Viewer® improves the identification of productivity potential and facilitates their implementation. Indeed, our process cost analysis software OCTOPLUS Cost Viewer® is used by both purchasing and sales department which allows them to communicate with a factual language based on actual data.

In the process of complete transfer of cost analysis skills, our global approach (Training - Coaching in real configuration - Consulting - dedicated Software) is the vector for our customers to improve their performance but also gives them an undeniable competitive advantage on their own market.

Octoplus Consulting - 55bis rue Jean Jaurès - 29000 Quimper - France - +33(06) 61 83 02 09 / Alexanderstraße 7 - 10178 Berlin – Germany
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